Become a Distributor

Since we launched DARTACTIVE with the introduction of the most versatile resistance training band available on the market. Our patented DARTBAND has gained traction with contacts throughout the country. We consistently receive feedback from practitioners and customers alike about the quality and endless amounts off applications they have been able to perform with our product.

What separates the DARTACTiVE DARTBAND from the other resistance training bands on the market?

  • Dynamic flexible handle/foot design construction- no more Velcro or hard plastic clips that can break potentially causing injury.
  • Improved durability compared to resistance bands on the market.
  • True Functional resistance training
  • Remains securely in place during use
  • Allows for full lower body, upper body, core and functional activity.
  • Gone are the days of slipping bands, hair being pulled out and walking like a penguin.

We are looking for distributors to help us meet our customer’s needs. If you are interested in becoming a distributor and would like more information feel free to contact us by filling in the information below.

Please fill out the form in full and if you have further questions or concerns feel free to contact us at 541-350-2394 at any time.