For the past 9 years, we have worked with Olympic athletes, fitness clients and injured patients alike. What makes that job difficult? Training and rehabilitation devices that Just. Don’t. Work. You know the ones we are talking about…those that can’t seem to stay in place or don’t offer you the right kind of resistance. We all have our story of devices that have snapped back in our faces, torn our leg hair out or left us prisoners of their limitations. Our company has been on a mission to bring together a team of experts to help us overcome these obstacles. Working alongside our athletes, patients and colleagues and listening to their expectations of a quality resistance band inspired us to launch DARTACTIVE™. Keeping our client’s needs at the center of our business has allowed us to build a product designed solely around the people’s requests. Our vision for DARTACTIVE™ has been to create a safe, beneficial and quality functional training and rehabilitation product that outperforms every other resistance training band on the market.

After years of planning and prototypes we are excited to bring you the DARTBAND™! The patented design of this resistance band knows almost no limits! Not only is this band the safest on the market, but its application possibilities are nearly infinite. It is our passion to bring these benefits to the public and inspire a safer and more beneficial way to be healthy. Here at DARTACTIVE™ we value trust and customer satisfaction and are committed to infusing our passion and expertise into our products so you can be as active as your goals are!

Join the countless teams, clinics and health practitioners around the country who have already discovered the many benefits of the DARTBAND™.