DARTBAND™ Testimonials

I wish this product was around when I played. Now it gives me the ability to functionally work on my players pitching mechanics, batting mechanics. The Dart Band is a must have for any baseball player or team!

Brynn Card

2 Time NCAA D1 National championship team member, Head Coach Wilsonville High School.

Truly one of the best products I have ever used. The DartBand™ allows me to take my training to the next level. I can use the DartBand™ for sprinting, jumping, triple jump and long jump. I have never had a product that has allowed me to truly train in a functional manner for any of my events quite like the DartBand™ does!


Junior National Decathlete

Amazing, I have worked with many products with my athletes and patients there simply is not a more versatile product for rehabilitation and performance training. I have never been able to perform a full V-up with correct form, until I used the dartband! It forces you to have correct form while assisting you through the motion allowing you to keep proper form.

Becca F.

Certified Athletic Trainer

I have never used a product quite like this. I use it every time I go to the golf course to warm up prior to playing a round of golf. I cannot believe how much more fluid and efficient my golf swing is after using the DartBand™!


Life Long Golfer

Every baseball coach should purchase a team set. I have searched for better ways to coach my players on the fundamental’s and proper mechanics. The DartBand™ gives my players the ability to feel exactly what I am saying for batting and pitching! Simply put this is the best purchase your program will make.


Head Varsity BaseBall Coach

Most Awesome Kicking Device Ever!!!!

After using the DartBand™ for the first time I was very pleased with how it worked. Very simple, user friendly and effective device for any athlete at different levels. One thing I noticed during my dynamic warm-up is the DartBand™ made my everyday warm-up more effective. With kicking and punting, the DartBand™ really forces you to maintain correct form throughout every stage of the kicking motion. What I really like about it is that many college and NFL kickers will tell you to finish with your torso upright and chest out while following through to your target. The DartBand™ forces your leg to follow through your target from A to B, eliminating room for error. In addition to providing correct muscle memory, it also provides a suitable amount of resistance creating a smoother more powerful leg swing, truly a one of a kind product!


D1 Kicker

The Dart Band gave me the edge in preparing for my upcoming football season. It made me quicker, stronger and more agile running routes. Most importantly by using the Dart Band I dropped my 40 time from a 4.8 to a 4.6!

D1 College Football Recruit

I have designed rehabilitation and strengthening programs for every day athletes to Olympic athletes throughout my career. The great thing about the Dartband is it’s compatible for every athlete and every sport.  Functional, simple to use and easy to travel with… all important aspects for what any athlete needs.  The Dartband meets the rigors of high performance training and rehabilitation needs for any athlete.

Jennifer Krug

ATC, MS- USA Fencing Senior Team Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Committee Member, Silverton High School Head Athletic Trainer